An intrusion alarm system is used to detect and notify unauthorized entry of people to your home or business. By detecting the “break-in” to your premises you can protect against burglary, vandalism, malicious acts and possible loss of life.

This system notifies users using the following methods once breeches of their premises are detected:

  • Audibly
  • Via email
  • Via SMS and notifications on mobile applications.

Hybrid systems can detect both intrusion and fire at your premises and can be configured to report to security monitoring agencies so that security response teams, police and other emergency service providers are alerted and dispatched.

The Security Zone Limited provides a variety of intrusion alarm systems for both residential and commercial properties. Our intrusion alarm systems can be tailored to our clients’ needs; small, medium and large applications.

Our technical team is certified in industry leading brands such as Honeywell and DSC and we stand ready to give you the most outstanding service and after sales care available. By conducting a physical security assessment and involving our clients in this process we are able to provide turnkey solutions that provide the maximum level of security required without inconveniencing or negatively affecting our clients standard of living. If you cherish it, we can secure it.

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