The Security Zone (TSZ) offers a range of Investigative Services including:

Background Checks:

  • A background check is primarily used by employers as part of the pre-employment screening process. It assists in determining the level of risk to which an organization may be exposed by hiring a particular individual. The background check investigation verifies information on an individual’s educational and employment history, criminal record, neighborhood character references, credit history and internet / social media presence.  A recommendation is made regarding the candidate’s suitability for hire based on the outcome of the investigation.

Background checks may also be used whenever similar data is required on an existing employee, for example, when being considered for a promotion or for transfer to a new position where higher levels of risk are involved.

Fraud Investigations:

  • Fraud investigations are typically initiated when an organization suspects that there has been some form of loss due to dishonest behavior or negligence. The investigation seeks to identify the means by which the fraud was perpetrated, recommend appropriate action against the perpetrators and, where possible, recover losses.  The most important aspect of the investigation, however, is to make recommendations and implement systems that will mitigate against the recurrence of fraudulent activity.

Surveillance Equipment Detection (“Bug Sweeping”):

  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) refer to the process of uncovering hidden surveillance cameras and listening devices particularly where these may be contributing to corporate espionage and information leaks. Such hidden devices are uncovered through the use of specialized equipment and physical inspections.

Due Diligence Checks:

  • Due diligence checks provide an organization with information on corporate entities which they may be considering for partnerships, investments or other business arrangements. The investigation provides data on the company’s date and place of incorporation, directors, shareholders and business reputation.  It also identifies any legal matters in which the company may be involved (High Court and Industrial Court Action).  As part of the due diligence check, background checks can be conducted on the company’s principals (shareholders, directors and key management personnel).

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